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Group Training is a perfect way to introduce basic to advance commands in a social setting.  You will learn the proper way to introduce your dog to others and getting their attention in new places with distractions.
Commands covered:
Focus, sit, down, leave it, off, come, stay, ER recall, park it and leash training

Group Training

Pet Food Express
Pasadena, CA
Puppy Play Date
Sunday Mornings
Free for Puppies
under 9 months
Check my Instagram or Facebook
For class confirmation
Puppy/ Beginner
January 8, 2023
@ 9am-10am




Charter Oak Park
@ 9am-10am



One-hour training seminars are tailored to whatever your needs may be with your dog.  Sample classes include: training new volunteers for local rescues and shelters, potty training and leash control. I have even conducted a seminar for a pups birthday party and their guests on problem solving.  Whatever your situation may be I can give you the tools to fix the problem. 

"Yappy Hour"


Do you have friends and family with dogs?  This is a social event for dogs like Happy Hour is for people.  I supervise a play date of 3 or more dogs to insure a fun, but safe, meeting.  Yappy hour can also be used to host your own group class.  Invite 5 or more dogs for a 4 week group class and the host receives class for FREE!

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